8.12.020 Defendants and responsible parties.
   A.   Any person or enterprise who causes, permits, facilitates, aids, or abets any violation of this Chapter or who fails to perform any act or duty required pursuant to this Chapter is subject to the enforcement provisions of this Chapter.
   B.    The person(s) or enterprise which is the owner, occupant, lessee, lessor, manager, agent or other with an interest in a building, structure or parcel of land in violation of this Chapter are jointly and severally responsible for the violation, the prescribed civil or criminal sanctions, and for abating the violation.
   C.   The owner of record, as recorded in the county recorder's office, of the property upon which the violation of this Chapter exists shall be presumed to be the person having lawful control over the structure or parcel of land. If more than one person shall be recorded as the owner of the property, such persons shall be jointly and severally presumed to be persons having lawful control over a structure or parcel of land. This presumption shall not prevent the enforcement of the provisions of this Chapter against any person specified in subsection (A) of this section.
(Ord. 1397.08.07 § 3 (part), 1998)