8.12.040 Public nuisances designated.
   Specific acts, omissions, places, conditions and things, such as the erecting, maintaining, using, placing, depositing, causing, allowing, leaving or permitting to be or remain in or upon any private lot, building, structure or premises, in or upon any public right-of-way, street, avenue, alley, park, parkway or other public or private place in the City of any one or more of the following places, conditions, things or acts, to the prejudice, danger or annoyance of others by any person, firm or corporation, are declared to be public nuisances, including, but not limited to the following:
   1.   Privies, vaults, cesspools, sumps, pits, or like places which are not securely protected from insects or rodents, or which are foul or malodorous;
   2.   Filthy, littered or trash covered exterior areas, including all buildings or structures thereon and areas adjacent thereto;
   3.   Animal manure in any quantity which is not securely protected from insects and the elements, or which is kept or handled in violation of this code or any other ordinance of the City or county; provided, however, that nothing in this subsection shall be deemed to prohibit the utilization of such animal manure on any farm, garden, lawn or ranch in such a manner and for such purposes as are compatible with customary methods of good husbandry;
   4.   Poison oak, poison ivy, or any noxious or toxic weeds or uncultivated plants, whether growing or otherwise, weeds, tall grass, uncultivated shrubs or growth higher than twenty-four inches, or which presents a fire hazard;
   5.   Accumulations of bottles, glass, cans, ashes, small pieces of scrap iron, wire, metal articles, bric-a-brac, broken stone or cement, broken crockery, broken glass, broken plaster, and all other trash or abandoned material, unless the same be kept in covered bins or metal receptacles approved by the county health officer or any ordinance of the City;
   6.   Accumulations of trash, litter, rags, empty barrels, boxes, crates, packing cases, mattresses, bedding, excelsior, packing straw, packing hay, or other packing material, lumber not neatly piled or anything whatsoever in which insects may breed or multiply or which provides harborage for rodents or which may create a fire hazard;
   7.   Any unsightly and dangerous building, billboard or other structure, or any old abandoned or partially destroyed building or structure, or any building or structure commenced and abandoned;
   8.   Any putrid, unsound or unwholesome bones, meat, hides, skins or the whole or any part of any dead animal, fish or fowl, butcher's trimmings and offal, or any waste vegetable or animal matter in any quantity, garbage, human excreta, sewage, or other offensive substances; provided, nothing herein contained shall prevent the temporary retention of waste in all receptacles in the manner approved by the health officer of the county or ordinance of the City;
   9.   The erection, continuance or use of any building, room or other place in the City for the exercise of any trade, employment or manufacture which, by noxious exhalations, including but not limited to smoke, soot, dust, fumes, or other gases, offensive odors, or other annoyances, is discomforting or offensive or detrimental to the health of individuals or of the public;
   10.   Causing, allowing or permitting any artificial illumination of such intensity as to interfere substantially and unnecessarily with the use and enjoyment of public or private property by any considerable number of people, or with the lawful use of any school, public place or public street, or with any governmental or public function of the City, or as to constitute a hazard or threat to the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of the City;
   11.   Burning or disposal of refuse, sawdust, or other material in such manner as to cause or permit ashes, sawdust, soot or cinders to be cast upon the streets or alleys of the City, or to cause or permit the smoke, ashes, soot or gases arising from such burning to become annoying to any considerable number of persons or to injure or endanger the health, comfort or repose of the persons; provided, this paragraph shall not apply where the persons responsible for the action has properly obtained a fire permit from the fire department of the City or the county health officer;
   12.   An unguarded or abandoned excavation, pit, well or hole dangerous to life;
   13.   To leave or permit to remain outside of any dwelling, building or other structure, or within any unoccupied or abandoned building, dwelling or other structure under the control of any person and in a place accessible to children, any abandoned, unattended or discarded ice box, refrigerator or other container which has an airtight door or lid, snaplock or other locking device which may not be released from the inside, without first removing the door or lid, snaplock or other locking device from the ice box, refrigerator or container;
   14.   The doing of any act, or omitting to perform a duty or suffering or permitting any condition or thing to be or exist, which act, omission, condition or thing either:
   a.   Unlawfully interferes with, obstructs or tends to obstruct or renders dangerous the free passage or use, in the customary manner, of any stream, public park, parkway, square, sidewalk, street or highway in the City, and is no less a nuisance because the extent of the annoyance or damage inflicted is unequal, or
   b.   Obstructs the free use of property so as to essentially interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property by an entire community or neighborhood, or by a considerable number of persons.
(Ord. 1397.08.07 § 3 (part), 1998)