8.12.300 Abatement procedure.
   A.   The City shall give reasonable written notice to abate any violation of this chapter to all persons with an interest in the property or agents of such persons.
   B.   Notice shall contain:
   1.   The legal description of the property;
   2.   The cost of such removal to the City if notified persons do not comply;
   3.   A date for compliance which shall not be less than thirty days after the date notice was given;
   4.   Identification of the property in violation by street address if it exists; and
   5.   A statement of the violation(s) in sufficient detail to allow a reasonable person to identify and correct them.
   C.   Said written notice shall be either personally served, mailed by certified mail at their last known address or the address to which the tax bill for the subject property was last sent; or served in accordance with the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure.
   D.   The City may record the notice in the Office of Pinal County Recorder. If such notice is recorded and compliance with the notice is subsequently satisfied, the City shall record a release of the notice.
(Ord. 1397.08.07 § 3 (part), 1998)