8.12.320 Satisfaction of assessment for abatement.
   A.   A sale of the property to satisfy an assessment obtained under the provisions of this section shall be made upon judgment of foreclosure and order of sale.
   B.   The City may institute an action to enforce the lien in a competent court of the county at any time after the recording of the assessment, but failure to enforce the lien by such action shall not affect its validity.
   C.   The recorded assessment shall be prima facie evidence of the truth of all matters recited therein and of the regularity of all proceedings prior to the recording thereof.
   D.   A prior assessment or lien for the purposes provided in this section shall not be a bar to a subsequent assessment or assessments, or lien or liens, for such purposes, and any number of assessments or liens on the same lot or tract of land may be enforced in the same action.
(Ord. 1397.08.07 § 3 (part), 1998)