115.01   Definitions
   115.02   License and fees required
   115.03   Application information
   115.04   Initial issuance and renewal; maximum number limited
   115.05   License transfer; taxicab sale
   115.06   Revocation for nonuse
   115.07   Liability insurance required
   115.08   Limits of liability insurance
   115.09   Bond or personal sureties in lieu of insurance
   115.10   Insurance cancellations; reinstatement and fee
   115.11   Revocation for nonpayment of judgment
   115.12   Taxicab driver's license; application information
   115.13   Driver's license fees
   115.14   Director's examination of applicant
   115.15   Issuance or denial of driver's license
   115.16   Expiration and renewal
   115.17   Prohibited acts
   115.18   Articles left in vehicle
   115.19   Passenger carriage limited to taxicabs and buses
   115.20   Failure to pay fare; evidence
   115.21   Exhibition of rate charts in taxicabs
   115.22   Vehicle equipment and inspections; parking
   115.23   Immoral use of vehicle
   115.24   Carrying capacity limited
   115.25   Operation without taxicab license
   115.26   Driving while suspended; revocation
   115.27   Driving while intoxicated; revocation
   115.28   Smoking prohibited
   115.29   Director may make regulations; continuing jurisdiction
   115.99   Penalty
   Parking in taxicab stands, see § 76.09
Statutory reference:
   Power to establish stands and fix rates, see R.C. § 715.25