§ 14.435  PURPOSE.
   The City Council finds that substantial scientific evidence exists that the use of causes cancer, heart disease and various other medical disorders. It is the further finding of the City Council that the present legislative scheme of prohibiting sales of to under the age of 18 has proven ineffective in preventing such from using . The City Council has concluded that youth and young adults have ready access to , including , which sell and that the prohibition of the sale or dispensing of through and the regulation of sales through will thereby promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the city, particularly those residents under 21 years of age. The City Council also finds that marketing and public health research shows how flavors such as fruit, candy and sweet tasting products hold an intense appeal to minors.  Further, the City Council finds that manufacturer spending on advertising, marketing and price is directed at youth and young adults. The majority of smokers start young, youth get from older peers, and exposure to nicotine is particularly dangerous to the adolescent brain. Therefore the purpose of this ordinance is to reduce the appeal to youth and young adults and reduce the likelihood that youth and young adults will become users of later in life.
(Ord. 92-37, passed 7-27-1992; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; amended by Ord. 96-4, passed 3-18-1996; Ord. 2014-17, passed 11-17-2014; Ord. 2017-37, passed 11-6-2017)