Subdivision 1. The council can establish a procedure by ordinance to impose civil penalties not exceeding $2,000 for each violation of a city ordinance. This procedure must provide an opportunity for the accused to be heard by a neutral party, which can be the council.
   Subdivision 2. The council can provide by ordinance that civil penalties the city imposes as a result of property-related violations be assessed against property which was the subject matter, or related to the subject matter, of the penalties, or property which was the location of an activity, proposed use, delivery of city service or other circumstances which resulted in the penalties. The ordinance must provide that the city first attempt to obtain voluntary payment of the penalties. The ordinance must also require the city to give notice and opportunity to be heard to the property owner listed on the official tax records before the assessments are imposed. The assessments must be collected like special assessments.
(Added by Ord. 96-14, passed 5-20-1996; amended by Ord. 98-1, 1-5-98; Ord. 2004-8, passed 4-5-2004)