(a)   Toilet room requirements. A licensed shall be equipped with adequate and conveniently located toilet rooms for the accommodation of its employees and patrons. The toilet room shall be well ventilated by natural or mechanical methods and be enclosed with a door. The toilet room shall be kept and in and shall be adequately lighted.
   (b)   Paper/linen requirements. A licensed shall provide single-service disposal paper or linens to cover the table, chair, furniture or area on which the patron receives the ; or in the alternative, if the table, chair or furniture on which the patron receives the is made of material impervious to moisture, such table, chair or furniture shall be properly sanitized after each .
   (c)   Washing of hands required. The shall wash his or her hands and arms with water and soap, anti-bacterial scrubs, alcohol or other disinfectants prior to and following each service performed.
   (d)   Plan review. Any new or remodeled must submit for approval by the Environmental Health Division a to-scale facilities plan in sufficient detail to ascertain compliance with conditions in this ordinance and pay the corresponding plan review fee listed in § 14.03.
   (e)   Construction inspections. The must be constructed in conformance with the approved plans. The Building and Inspection Division will not issue a building permit for a new or remodeling or alteration permit for an existing facility until such plans have the approval of the Environmental Health Division. The Environmental Health Division will inspect the as frequently as necessary during the construction to ensure that the construction occurs in conformance with this division K of the city code. The Environmental Health Division will conduct a final construction inspection prior to the start of operations and issuance of a license.
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