(a)   No person shall stage, present, conduct or start any without first obtaining a permit as required by this Division J.
   (b)   No person shall unreasonably hamper, obstruct or impede or interfere with any or person or vehicle participating therein. The Chief of Police shall have the authority, when reasonably necessary, to prohibit or restrict the parking of vehicles in areas contiguous thereto and shall post signs to such effect and it is unlawful for any person to park or leave a vehicle unattended in violation thereof.
   (c)   No person shall participate in a for which the person knows or reasonably should have known that a required permit has not been issued.
   (d)   No person in charge of, or responsible for the conduct of, a shall intentionally violate any condition of the permit.
   (e)   No person shall intentionally engage in, participate in, aid or start any , that poses a substantial hazard to the public safety.
   (f)   No person participating in a shall utilize sound amplification equipment at decibel levels that exceed those limits imposed by § 10.29.02 unless otherwise specifically authorized in the permit.
(Ord. 250, passed 10-7-1960; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; deleted by Ord. 2009-2, passed 2-2-2009; added by Ord. 2013-2, passed 2-25-2013)