No person shall conduct any for which a permit required under this Division J has not been first obtained.
   (a)   Filing. A person seeking issuance of a permit required by this Division J must file a signed and completed application with the issuing authority on the forms provided. In order to allow sufficient time for an appeal from a permit denial, it is suggested that applications be filed at least 60 days prior to the event. Nevertheless, any fully completed, signed application filed within the minimum filing period set forth below will be accepted during business hours.
      (1)   For all , filing is required not less than ten business days prior to the planned event.
      The issuing authority may waive the minimum filing period for good cause shown if, after due consideration of the date, time, place and nature of the , and any city services required in connection with the event, it is determined that the waiver will not adversely impact the public health, safety or welfare.
   (b)   Contents. The application for a permit under this Division J requires the following information:
      (1)   Identification of the last city or town in which any was conducted by the applicant or the person on whose behalf the event is to be conducted and whether or not the applicant has had a permit or license revoked as a result of willful misconduct within the preceding five years;
      (2)   A letter of narrative and site plan demonstrating how the event will meet all of the requirements of § 21.302.31(f) of this code;
      (3)   A detailed list of items to be collected at the event. Drop-off mixed municipal solid waste is prohibited; and
      (4)   A copy of the contingency plan outlining an organized, planned and coordinated course of action to be followed in case of a fire, explosion or release of materials that could threaten human health or the environment. This plan must be reviewed and approved by the Fire Marshal and the Environmental Health Division designee. The plan must also contain the name(s) and description of specialized training for handling recyclable materials of the individual(s) on-site during the event in charge of safety and carrying out the contingency plan if needed.
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