The administrative offenses detailed in § 1.11 may be subject to a civil fine. The amount of a civil fine may not exceed the amount of the maximum fine allowed if each ordinance violation had been prosecuted as a misdemeanor. In the case of civil fines imposed for excessive nuisance service calls pursuant to § 12.15 of this city code, the civil fine may not exceed the actual costs of providing excess law enforcement services up to $2,000 for each separate call subject to a fee. Civil fines may not be imposed for ordinance violations that prohibit the same conduct that is classified as a crime or petty misdemeanor in M.S. Chapters 168, 168A, 169, 169A, 170 and 171, as they may be amended from time to time, or for any other violation of a state law that preempts local regulations on the same topic.
(Ord. 99-32, passed 10-4-1999; Ord. 2000-1, passed 1-3-2000; Ord. 2006-13, passed 4-17-2006; Ord. 2007-36, passed 10-22-2007)