(a)   All officers of the city shall enforce obedience to such laws of the state, ordinances of the city and orders of the Mayor or City Council, as may be the duty of such officers respectively to enforce, and shall notice all complaints, and institute such proceedings as may be necessary.
   (b)   The following city employees are authorized to issue citations for violations of the city code:
      (1)   Peace officers;
      (2)   Animal control officers;
      (3)   License examiner;
      (4)   Fire Chief, Marshal and fire inspectors;
      (5)   Building inspections manager, program coordinators, plan check engineers and building inspectors;
      (6)   Manager of environmental health services, program coordinators, specialists and aides;
      (7)   City Forester, as designated by the City Manager;
      (8)   City Engineer, Water Resources Manager, Water Resources Civil Engineer, and City Benchmarking Official and aides; and
      (9)   City Attorney.
   (c)   Licensed public safety officers employed by the Three Rivers Park District are authorized to enforce the parking regulations at the Bush Lake Beach parking lot.
(1958 Code, § 1.03) (Ord. 91-61, passed 9-30-1991; Ord. 94-14, passed 3-21-1994; Ord. 99-32, passed 10-4-1999; Ord. 2007-36, passed 10-22-2007; Ord. 2009-21, passed 7-20-2009; Ord. 2015-28, passed 11-2-2015; Ord. 2021-30, passed 9-13-2021; Ord. 2022-7, passed 2-7-2022)