The future establishment of a business or other activity on a parcel or lot may be advertised by means of on-site signage, subject to compliance with the following provisions:
   .010   Ownership of Property.  The subject property upon which the sign is located must be owned in fee interest, or must be under lease for a minimum ten (10) year period (from the date of issuance of the sign permit), by, or for the purpose of, the future business or establishment referred to upon the copy of said sign.
   .020   Maximum Area Per Sign.  Sixty (60) square feet.
   .030   Maximum Height.  Four (4) feet, with a two (2)-foot berm, for a maximum total height of six (6) feet.
   .040   Maximum Number Permitted.  One (1) per each street or highway frontage.
   .050   Location.  All future establishment signs shall be located in the middle thirty percent (30%) of the street frontage, except for corner lot sign locations, where said sign shall be set back a minimum distance of thirty-five (35) feet from the intersection at the two property lines forming the street intersection in accordance with the applicable Engineering Standard Details on file in the office of the Director of Public Works pertaining to commercial driveway approaches.
   .060   Time Limit.  One (1) year from date of construction or erection, unless, prior to expiration, approved by the Planning Director for an additional period not to exceed one (1) year.
   .070   Names and Dates Required on Signs.  The name of the sign owner, property owner or sign builder, as well as the date the sign is erected, shall be securely placed on each sign.
   .080   Sign Permit Fees.  For each and every on-site future establishment sign, there shall be paid a sign permit fee to the Building Division of the Planning Department.  The amount of said fee shall be as specified by City Council resolution. Further, all such signs shall be subject to the following conditions:
      .0801   Failure to Remove.  If said sign is not removed prior to or upon the permit expiration date, the City or its agents may enter upon subject property and remove the sign, the cost of the removal to be paid by permittee.  The person, firm or entity whose name appears on the sign (collectively, the “person”) shall be notified of the City's intent to remove the sign, not less than fourteen (14) days prior to removal by the City.  Following removal by the City, said person shall be notified of the removal, and said sign shall be retained for a minimum of ten (10) days following the date of such notice, after which said sign may be disposed of by the City.
      .0802   Authority.  Before a permit for such a sign is issued, the owners of record of the premises and the person proposing to erect the sign must furnish the Building Division written authority, granting the City of Anaheim or any of its agents or employees irrevocable permission to enter upon the premises, and irrevocably appointing the Building Division Manager as the agent of the owners, with permission and authority to remove such sign pursuant to the provisions of this section. (Ord. 5444 § 1 (part); August 16, 1994:  Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 5998 § 83; October 25, 2005.)