Sign Type
Street Frontage
Maximum Sign Area(s)
Maximum Letter/
Sign Height
Maximum Symbol Height in conjunction w/company name/logo
Symbol Only Maximum Height
Maximum Height to Top of Sign if Attached to Building
Maximum Number of Signs
Sign Copy Limits
Illumination Limitations
Other Limitations
Freestanding Monument Sign
0 ft. -
60 ft.
NA (b)
Name and/or logo of the development and/or name and/or logo of up to three (3) business tenants
No flashing signs
No bare bulbs
Signs shall identify development address.
All signs except corner locations shall be located in the middle 30% of the street frontage. For corner locations, signs shall be set back in accordance with Engineering Standard No. 115.
Any attachments or “riders” to signs shall be prohibited.
Minimum setback from public right-of- way is two (2) feet, except at Katella Avenue where zero (0) feet is subject to City Traffic and Transportation Manager’s approval.
61 ft. -
150 ft.
52 SF
8 ft. (e)
1 per lot
151 ft. - 300 ft.
64 SF
8 ft. (e)
1 per lot
Over 300 ft.
80 SF
8 ft. (e)
Hotel/Motel Building Identification Wall Sign
1 - 2 stories
160 SF
2 ft. - 0 in. per letter
2 ft. - 0 in.
3 ft. - 0 in.
Below the top of the building eave line or roof line, whichever is lower
Two (2) per building except for Hotel, Motels, or Vacation Ownership Resorts on Clementine Street that a third sign be permitted only when the petitioner can demonstrate a hardship exists (i.e., blockage of view by parking structure or monorail/
people mover structure)
Name and/or logo of hotel/
motel only
Internal illumination only
No flashing signs
No bare bulbs
If more than one (1) sign, then must be located on nonadjacent building elevations.
Letters shall be located no closer than one-half (1/2) the size of the letter to the top and sides of the building wall or fascia, or the closest window line adjacent to the sign.
Signs shall be attached without visible supports or raceways.
Projection over the public right-of-way is prohibited.
Canopy and awning sign design must be an integral part of the building design.
Such wall signs shall not project more than twelve (12) inches beyond the wall or structure to which it is attached.
3 - 4 stories
200 SF
4 ft. - 0 in. per letter
4 ft. - 0 in.
7 ft. - 0 in.
5 - 9 stories
250 SF
4 ft. - 6 in. per letter
4 ft. - 6 in.
8 ft. - 0 in.
Over 9 stories
300 SF
5 ft. - 6 in. per letter
5 ft. - 6 in.
10 ft. - 0 in.
Hotel/Motel Accessory Business Wall Sign
30 SF
24 in. per letter
24 in.
24 in.
Below the second floor line
One (1) per business or store front
Name of business and/or logo
No Flashing signs
No bare bulbs
Limited to restaurants only.
Signs shall be attached without visible support or raceways.
Projecting Sign
4 SF
10 ft.
One (1) per business or store front
Limited to name or logo of the business
Externally illuminated only
Lowest point of sign must be eight (8) ft. above ground level directly below sign.
Maximum projection is 30 in.
Conditional use permit required.
Minimum distance between signs on same parcel is 16 ft.
On-Site Directional Guidance (c) and On- Site Directory Signs Visible from Public Right-of-Way
4 SF
(per sign panel)
6 ft. (d)
Five (5) per lot
Maximum sign dimension is 24 inches.
Those visible from the public right-of-way shall require a conditional use permit.
      For Permitted Sign Standards (General Sign Types) see Table “Permitted Sign Standards Matrix (General Sign Types)”
         (a)   Area of sign face refers to one (1) sign face.
         (b)   NA - Not Applicable
         (c)   On-site directional guidance and on-site directory signs must be located outside any setback area.
         (d)   Maximum height if freestanding is six (6) feet.
         (e)   Berm to be incorporated therein, if desired.
         (f)   One (1) per six hundred sixty 660 feet of street frontage with minimum distance of three hundred 300 feet between signs.
         (g)   Limited to logos, tenant or establishment name and facility name.
         (h)   Square footage indicated is per sign face.