18.118.100   PROHIBITED USES.
   The following uses shall be prohibited in this zone:
   .010   Ambulance services.
   .020   Sex-Oriented Businesses, as defined in subsection 18.54.020(F).
   .030   Billboards, as defined in subsection
   .040   Bingo establishments.
   .050   Cemeteries.
   .060   Christmas tree sale lots and/or stands.
   .070   Conversions.  Conversions of hotels, motels or vacation ownership resorts to semi-permanent or permanent living quarters, except for a caretaker/manager unit, as specified in Section 18.118.070 (Permitted Accessory Uses and Structures) hereof.
   .080   Drive-in or drive-through restaurants.
   .090   Headshops.  For purposes of this chapter, a “Headshop” is defined as any commercial enterprise or establishment, whether ongoing or transient, which sells any devices, contrivances, instruments or drug paraphernalia, as defined by the California Health and Safety Code.
   .100   Heliports.
   .110   Hospitals, convalescent homes, rest homes, sanitariums, institutions for the treatment of the mentally ill, birthing centers, and animal hospitals.
   .120   Industrial uses.
   .130   Mobile home parks.
   .140   Office buildings, when not accessory and clearly incidental to, and integrated as part of, an on-site, permitted primary or conditional use.
   .150   Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.  Sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption and/or off-premises consumption, except as otherwise expressly permitted in this zone.
   .155   Signs.  Signs listed in subsection
   .160   Dwelling Units.  Single-family or multiple-family dwelling units, except caretaker/manager units allowed as an accessory use integrated within a hotel, motel or vacation ownership resort.
   .170   Shopping Centers.  Commercial retail centers, strip shopping centers, mini malls and other shopping centers not in conformance with the requirements of a specialty retail center as defined and permitted in subsection  (Ord. 5444 § 1 (part); August 16, 1994:  Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)