The following temporary buildings, structures and uses shall be permitted, subject to the conditions and limitations specified herein:
   .010   Contractor's Office and/or Storage.  Temporary structures, including the housing of tools and equipment, or containing supervisory offices in connection with construction projects, may be established and maintained during the progress of such construction on such projects; provided the time of such use shall not exceed one (1) year, unless a request for an extension of time for good cause is approved by the Planning Director.
   .020   Temporary Parking on Vacant Land.  Temporary paved parking uses shall be permitted on vacant land as an accessory use to an existing hotel, for a period not to exceed two (2) years, or whenever another permanent use is built on the site, whichever occurs first, subject to the approval of the City Traffic and Transportation Manager.  Annual extensions may be granted, subject to the review and approval of the City Traffic and Transportation Manager.
   .030   Special Events and Temporary Flags, Banners and Balloons.  The temporary use of premises for special events as defined in Section 18.92 (Definitions) shall be subject to compliance with the provision of Sections 18.38.240 (Special Events) of Chapter 18.38 (Supplemental Use Regulations) and 18.44.170 (Temporary Signs – Special Event Permit) of Chapter 18.44 (Signs).  (Ord. 5444 § 1 (part); August 16, 1994:  Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)