Signs which display identification and program information using changeable copy for theaters, entertainment, convention and/or amusement facilities only shall be conditionally permitted, subject to paragraph  Theater freestanding monument and/or wall signs shall be subject to subsection (Permitted Sign Standards Matrix – General Sign Types).  These signs shall consist of a permanent, nonchangeable copy displaying the name of the theater or auditorium, and may include changeable copy accommodating program information.  In addition, the following provisions shall apply to such signs:
   .010   Electronic Message Boards.  Such signs shall be defined as changeable copy signs, and shall be conditionally permitted, subject to paragraph  Electronic message boards may be used to display information; however, message boards that use light bulbs as the image of the message shall be prohibited.  Messages are to be displayed in a stationary manner. Animation, flashing or movement of the messages shall be prohibited.
   .020   Illumination. These signs may be illuminated internally; however, they shall have an opaque background, with only the copy portion being illuminated.  (Ord. 5444 § 1 (part); August 16, 1994:  Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)