§ 153-02  Definitions.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AGREED SCHEDULE.  A time schedule agreed upon by the subdivider and the Planning Commission for installation of required public improvements, and the sequence in which each will be installed.
   ALLEY.  A minor public right-of-way used primarily for vehicular access to the rear or side of properties otherwise abutting on a street.
   ASSURANCE OF COMPLETION.  A contract secured by a bond in an amount and with surety satisfactory to the City Engineer, guaranteeing completion of public improvements which are shown on the subdivision preliminary plan.
   BOARD OF SUPERVISORS.  Chief legislative body of the County of Yuma.
   BUILDING SETBACK LINE.  The line indicating the minimum horizontal distance between the street line and buildings or any projection thereof, other than steps, eaves, or overhangs.
   CITY.  The City of Yuma, being in Yuma County, State of Arizona.
   CITY COUNCIL.  The chief legislative body of the City of Yuma.
   COUNTY.  County of Yuma, State of Arizona.
   CROSSWALK WAY.  A public right-of-way used primarily for pedestrian travel through or across any portion of a block.
   CUL-DE-SAC.  A short, minor street having but one end open for motor traffic; the other being terminated by a vehicular turn-a-round.
   DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.   The Department of Community Development of the City of Yuma, Arizona.
   EASEMENT.   A grant by a property owner of the use, for a specific purpose or purposes, of a designated strip of land to the general public, a corporation, or other individuals.
   GENERAL PLAN.   The comprehensive, long-range general plan for the development of the City of Yuma consisting of statements of community goals and development policies, including maps, any necessary diagrams and text setting forth objectives, principles, standards and plan proposals.
   LOT.  A portion of a subdivision intended as a unit for transfer of ownership or for development or both, and having frontage on a dedicated street.  In determining the area and dimensions of a lot, no part of the right-of-way of a street or crosswalk may be included.
   LOT FRONTAGE.  The front dimension of a lot measured along the street right-of-way.
   LOT WIDTH.  The width of the lots at the building line measured parallel to the street right-of-way line.
   MAJOR STREET PLAN OR OFFICIAL MAP.  A part of the master plan showing the location and dimensions of principal thoroughfares (land shown in parks along such thoroughfares is not deemed part of the street right-of-way).
   MASTER PLAN.  A comprehensive subdivision development or neighborhood plan consisting of statements of neighborhood goals and development policies, including maps, any necessary diagrams and text setting forth objectives, principles, standards and plan proposals to guide subdivision design and platting.  A MASTER PLAN shall consist of not less than 80 acres of land.
   OFFICIAL MAP.  The map established by the City Council as provided by law, showing the streets theretofore existing and established by law as public streets and any amendments thereto adopted by the City Council, as appropriate, or additions thereto resulting from approval of subdivision plats and the subsequent recording of such approved plats.
   PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION.  Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Yuma.
   PLAT OF SUBDIVISION.  A map showing the division of any tract of land into two or more parcels, and prepared for the purpose of recording.
   PROTECTIVE COVENANT.  A restriction on the use of private property within a subdivision for the purpose of providing mutual protection against undesirable aspects of development.  Protective  covenants regulating the use of land represent an express agreement between the subdivider and the lot purchasers.
   PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS.  Any of the following:  roadway pavement, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, crosswalks, water mains, sanitary and storm sewers, and other appurtenant construction as related to the subdivision preliminary plan.
   RIGHT-OF-WAY.  The entire strip of land lying between the property lines of a street or thoroughfare, alley, crosswalkway, or easement.
   ROADWAY.  The portion of a street available for vehicular traffic between curbs, or the improved portion within the right-of-way.
   RULES OF PROCEDURE.  Regulations adopted by the Planning Commission and the City Council for the submission and approval of subdivision plats.
   SIDEWALKS.  The portion of a street or crosswalkway, paved or otherwise surfaced, intended for pedestrian use only.
   STREET.  A right-of-way designed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, regardless of its designation by name, such as street, thoroughfare, avenue, land, place or the like.
   STREET, ACCESS OR FRONTAL.  A street running parallel to and adjacent to or in the immediate vicinity of a major street or highway and which has as its purpose the relief of such major street from the local service of abutting properties.
   STREET ARTERIAL.  A street of great continuity, existing or planned which serves or is intended to serve foreign and local traffic, and which is designated on the major street plan to identify those streets comprising the basic structure of the street system of the city and surrounding area.  Arterials are only those streets designated on the master street plan, including additions or corrections thereto.
   STREET, COLLECTOR.  A street designed to serve as an important trafficway for a neighborhood, or as a feeder to an arterial street.  The determination of such street classification in any specific instance shall rest with the Planning Commission.
   STREET, LOCAL.  A street of limited continuity which serves or is intended to serve the local needs of a neighborhood.
   STREET STANDARDS.  City of Yuma standard specifications as adopted or amended.
   SUBDIVIDER.  Any person, firm or corporation acting as a unit, or any agent thereof, dividing or proposing to divide land so as to constitute a subdivision as defined herein.
   SUBDIVISION.  A division of land into two or more lots, tracts or parcels for the purpose of financing, sale or lease, whether immediate or future, except for any division of land which qualifies as a lot split as specified in § 153-18SUBDIVISION shall include any condominium, cooperative, community apartment, townhouse, or similar project in which an undivided interest in the land is coupled with the right of exclusive occupancy of any unit thereon, and further indicating the building(s) or the manner in which the building(s) or airspace above the property shown on the plat is to be recorded.
   SUBDIVISION PRELIMINARY PLAT.  A drawing showing a proposed subdivision of land together with the public improvements which are to be installed therein.  Such a drawing is not recordable.
   TRACT.  A defined area of land regardless of size.
   ZONING.  Regulation by districts of the height, area, and use of buildings; use of land and density of population.
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