§ 153-03  General Principles of Acceptability.
   (A)   Master plan.
      (1)   Streets shall conform substantially to the general plan adopted by the city and any revisions or amendments thereof.  Whenever a tract to be subdivided includes any part of a street indicated as an arterial street on the major street plan of the general plan, such part of such street shall be dedicated by the subdivider.
      (2)   Where frontal or access roads are deemed necessary, additional right-of-way shall be 40 feet on either side of the arterial street.
   (B)   Public open spaces and sites.  Where, as indicated by the master plan, a proposed subdivision contains, wholly or in part, a proposed public open space or a proposed site for a public building, such sites shall be reserved unless the concerned authority states it has no intention of development in the area.  The Planning Commission will immediately notify the concerned authority.
   (C)   Neighborhood plan.  If a tentative plan has been approved by the Planning Commission for the neighborhood of the proposed subdivision, the street system of the latter shall conform substantially thereto.
   (D)   Unsubdivided portion of tract.  The Planning Commission may require a sketch of the tentative future street system beyond the limits of the tract adjacent to the land area presently being subdivided.
   (E)   Provision for future subdivision.  If a tract is subdivided into parcels larger than ordinary building lots, such parcels shall be arranged to allow the opening of the future streets and logical further subdivision.
   (F)   Reserved strips prohibited.  There shall be no “reserved” strips controlling access to land dedicated or intended to be dedicated to public use.
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