§ 153-51  Assurance of Completion.
   Prior to recordation of a final plat, the applicant shall either construct or install required improvements and repair existing streets and other public facilities damaged in the development of the property or execute and file with the Department of Community Development an agreement between the applicant and the city.  Said agreement shall specify the period within which required improvements and repairs shall be completed and, if the work is not completed within the period specified, it shall provide the city with the ability to  complete the work and recover the full cost and expense of all improvements, together with all court costs and attorney fees necessary to collect said amounts from the applicant.
   (A)   The applicant shall file with the agreement, to assure full and faithful performance thereof, one of the following:
      (1)   A surety bond executed by a surety company authorized to transact business in the State of Arizona.
      (2)   A personal bond co-signed by at least one additional person together with evidence of financial responsibility and resources of those signing the bond sufficient to provide reasonable assurance of ability to proceed in accordance with the agreement.
      (3)   Cash deposit, including certificates of deposit.
      (4)   Letter of credit.
   (B)   Such assurance of full and faithful performance shall be in a form approved by the City Attorney and shall be for a sum approved by the City Engineer as sufficient to cover the cost of the improvements and repairs and related engineering and incidental expenses.  The amount shall be based on a construction estimate of the work to be completed, prepared by a registered engineer and shall be a minimum of 100% of the uncompleted construction estimate, concurred to by the City Engineer.
   (C)   If the applicant fails to carry out the provisions of the agreement, without the written concurrence of the City Engineer and the City Engineer determines that the city will incur costs or expenses to complete these provisions, the City Engineer shall call on the assurance monies and deposit those monies in an account specifically set aside for completion of the requirements.  If the amount of the assurance monies, called on by the City Engineer, exceeds the costs and expenses incurred by the city for completion of the required improvements, the City Engineer shall refund the remainder.  If the amount of the assurance monies, called on by the City Engineer, proves to be insufficient to satisfy the costs and expenses incurred by the city, the applicant shall be liable to the city to satisfy the full amount of the shortfall, upon demand by the city.  Ten percent of the required assurance amount shall be retained pending the city's full acceptance of subdivision improvements by the City Engineer.  Release of assurances shall be based on the amount of work remaining to be completed. The city will provide written notification of the subdivision improvements acceptance and cause the release of assurances.
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