§ 153-06  Lots.
   (A)   Minimum width.  The minimum width of residential lots for all subdivisions shall be 50 feet at the building line and shall have a minimum area as approved by the County Health Unit, unless a larger area is required by the zoning ordinance.
   (B)   Length and width ratio.  It is desirable that the length of a lot shall be not more than four times its width.
   (C)   Fronting on arterials.  Lots fronting on arterials should be of such depth to accommodate setbacks as set forth in the zoning ordinance.
   (D)   Double frontage.  Double frontage lots shall be avoided, except to overcome disadvantages of topography and orientation.
   (E)   Side lot lines.  Side lines of lots shall be approximately at right angles or radial to the street line unless, in the opinion of the Planning Commission, a variation from this rule will give a better street and lot plan.
   (F)   Corner lots.  Corner lots shall have sufficient width to permit the maintenance of the side street building line after providing a minimum building width of 30 feet, and a side yard, as required by the zoning ordinance, on the interior side of the lot.
   (G)   Building sites.  Every lot must contain a suitable building site, which will provide minimum yard requirements in compliance with the zoning ordinance.
   (H)   Street frontage.  Every lot shall front on a public street having a minimum right-of-way of 50 feet for a distance of not less than 35 feet measured along said right-of-way line.
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