§ 153-19  Optional Commercial and Industrial Master Plat Process.
   (A)   Purpose.  The commercial or industrial subdivision master plat process establishes an optional procedure within the city's subdivision plat process for subsequent divisions of a commercial or industrial master plat into smaller lots or tracts.  A commercial or industrial master plat shall comply with all applicable city, state and federal development standards in effect at the time of development and the plat shall comply with the purpose and intent of the city's subdivision regulations.
   (B)   This procedure can only be followed if:
      (1)   The commercial or industrial subdivision master plat has completed preliminary and final plat approval per Chapter 153 of the City of Yuma Code of Ordinances;
      (2)   No further right-of-way dedication, utility extension or other off-site public improvement is involved;
      (3)   Infrastructure, grading, and all site remediation and improvements are completed prior to the division of the master plat into subsequent lots or tracts.
   (C)   Subsequent divisions of the master plat shall be processed in accordance with the procedures specified within § 153-18 Procedure for Approval of Lot Split.  Minimum lot size is determined by the requirements of the zoning district.
(Ord. O2005-40, passed 6-1-05)