§ 153-62  Utilities.
   (A)   Sewer.  Sewer lines shall be installed to serve all lots within the subdivision in accordance with minimum standards of the city.  Where sewer service is not available, a system for disposal of sewerage shall be installed in accordance with minimum requirements of the City-County Health Department.  Plans for disposal systems and sanitary sewers shall be approved by the Arizona State Board of Health.
   (B)   Water.  Water mains shall be installed to serve all lots within the subdivision, or certified evidence shall be submitted by the subdivider that potable water is available in sufficient quantity.
   (C)   Electricity.  Certification from the local electric power company, that electrical service is available and will be provided, shall be submitted by the subdivider.  Location of power distribution poles and street light standards shall be indicated on preliminary plat.
   (D)   Fire hydrants.  Fire hydrants shall be installed in accordance with requirements of the City Engineer, City of Yuma Fire Department, and the recommendations of the Board of Fire Underwriters.
   (E)   Street Lighting.
      (1)   Street lighting shall be installed in accordance with city standards along all streets within the subdivision and along perimeter streets developed in conjunction with the subdivision.  Where all utilities are proposed to be underground, underground street light circuits shall also be provided.  The pole, lamp, luminaries and bracket and underground circuits shall be provided by the developer.
      (2)   Upon acceptance of the street lighting improvements by the city, the monthly street lighting charges shall be paid by the city.  The street lighting improvements shall be maintained by the city.
   (F)   Street name signs.  Signs shall be placed at all street intersections.  Specifications for design, construction, location and installation shall be in accordance with City of Yuma standard specifications, as adopted or amended.
   (G)   Utility connections.  Where practicable, no utilities shall be installed under any streets except where access lines are required from one area to another.
   (H)   Mailboxes.  USPS-approved cluster box unit mailboxes shall be installed by the developer in the location(s) approved by the USPS and identified on the final plat.  For residential developments, mailbox units must be installed prior to the final inspection of the first dwelling unit (not including the model homes). The responsibility of maintenance, replacement and repairs of the cluster box unit mailboxes is that of the home owners after initial installation by the developer.
('80 Code, App. B, § V)  (Ord. 2101, passed 11-17-82; Ord. O2010-62, passed 12-1-10)  Penalty, see § 153-99