§ 153-18  Procedure for Approval of Lot Split.
   (A)   Any division of land into three or fewer parts in which no right-of-way dedication, utility extension or other off-site public improvement is involved may be processed as a lot split subject to approval by the City Planning Director and City Engineer.
   (B)   Any proposed lot split shall be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Division to determine compliance with applicable platting, subdividing and zoning regulations.  The Planning Director or City Engineer may require the submittal of any additional information as is pertinent to make this determination.
   (C)   The final plat shall be prepared by an Arizona registered surveyor on a sheet suitable for recording, or on polyester or linen or a copy reproduced on polyester by a photographic silver imaging process or other method that assures archival quality.  Required signatures shall be original signatures, not copies, and shall include provisions for signatures by the City Planning Director and City Engineer.  The plat must be 24" x 36" or other size as required by the Yuma County Recorder.  All drawing, printing, and signatures shall be directly applied to the sheet to be recorded.  The use of nonpermanent inks, press-on adhesive letters, films, or tapes is prohibited.  The plat shall further include the items specified in §§ 153-47 and 153-48.
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