Chapter 112:  Offenses Against Property
General Provisions
   112-01   Swimming in irrigation ditches and city lakes and ponds prohibited; parental responsibility
   112-15   Definitions
   112-16   Graffiti prohibited
   112-17   Accessibility to graffiti implements
   112-18   Graffiti as nuisance; graffiti removal
   112-19   Abatement procedures; notice; administrative review
   112-20   Rewards and reimbursements for information
   112-21   Anti-Graffiti Trust Fund
Littering on Public Property
   112-30   Use of receptacles
   112-31   Unauthorized use of commercial trash receptacles
   112-32   Cleanup costs
Littering on Private Property
   112-45   Owner to maintain premises free of litter
   112-46   City may clean premises
   112-47   Notice to remove litter
   112-48   Time for compliance with requirements
   112-49   Enforcement
   112-50   Appeal
   112-51   Removal by city
   112-52   Assessment of costs for removal by city; statements
   112-53   Lien for removal
   112-54   Effect of assessment; lien
   112-55   Payments
Balloons/Inflatable Devices
   112-60   Definitions
   112-61   Balloons and inflatable devices
   112-99   Penalty