§ 112-53  Lien for Removal.
   (A)   Authorized.  If an assessment made in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter is not paid as provided, it shall be recorded in the office of the City Clerk.  From the date of its recording it shall be a lien on the private premises assessed hereunder, and the several amounts assessed against such private premises until paid. ('80 Code, § 14-158)
   (B)   Priority.  A lien for removal of litter shall be subject to and inferior to a lien for general taxes and to all prior recorded mortgages and encumbrances of record. ('80 Code, § 14-159)
   (C)   Foreclosure.  A sale of property to satisfy a lien obtained under the provisions of this section shall be made upon judgment of foreclosure and order of sale.  The city shall have the right to bring an action to enforce the lien in the county court any time after the recording of the assessment. ('80 Code, § 14-160)
(Ord. 1170, passed 10-15-69)