§ 112-47  Notice to Remove Litter.
   (A)   Required.  Any person owning, leasing or occupying any property within the city who fails, neglects or refuses to remove or properly dispose of litter located on the property, shall he given written notice by the Director of Public Services or the Fire Chief of the city to remove and clean all litter from such property.  This notice shall specify the date of compliance within which such litter shall be removed.  The date of compliance shall not be less than 30 days from the date of said notice. ('80 Code, § 14-144)
   (B)   Contents.  The notice to dispose of litter shall specify the litter to he removed and disposed of and shall contain an estimate of the cost of removal of said litter by the city, a statement that unless the person owning, leasing or occupying such property complies therewith before the date of compliance as set forth therein, that the city will perform the necessary work at the expense of such person owning, leasing or occupying the property, at a cost not to exceed the estimate as given in said notice and that such person may file an appeal in writing to the Council prior to the date of compliance. ('80 Code, § 14-145)
   (C)   Service personally or by mail.  Notice to remove litter shall be either personally served on or mailed to the owner or lessee at his last known address by certified or registered mail or the address to which the tax bill for the property was last mailed. ('80 Code, § 14-146)
   (D)   Person to be served.  Notice to dispose of litter shall be given to the owner, lessee or occupant of the property from which litter is required to be removed. ('80 Code, § 14-147)
   (E)   Notice to owner.  If the owner does not reside on such property, a duplicate notice shall also be sent to him by registered or certified mail at his last known address.  Where notice is given by certified or registered mail, the date of mailing shall be deemed the date of service on the addressee. ('80 Code, § 14-148)
(Ord. 1170, passed 10-15-69; Ord. 1336, passed 11-7-73)  Penalty, see § 112-99