§ 112-52  Assessment of Costs for Removal by City; Statements.
   (A)   Statement prepared.
      (1)   Upon completion of work done by the city under the provisions of this subchapter, the Director of Public Works shall prepare a verified statement of account of which shall contain:
         (a)   The actual costs of the litter removal.
         (b)   The date the work was completed.
         (c)   The street address and legal description of the property on which work was done.
      (2)   The actual cost of such removal and abatement shall include five percent additional inspection and other incidental costs in connection therewith, provided however, the actual cost as contained in said verified statement shall not exceed the amount of the estimated cost as set forth in said notice. ('80 Code, § 14-153)  (Ord. 2531, passed 8-21-91)
   (B)   Statement served.  A duplicate copy of the verified statement of charges prepared in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter shall be served upon the same person or persons who received notice to remove litter, and shall be served in the same manner as the notice to remove litter was served. ('80 Code, § 14-154)
   (C)   Appeal provided.  Any owner, lessee or occupant of property assessed under the provisions of this subchapter shall have 30 days from the date of service of the verified statement upon him within which to appeal, in writing, to the Council from the amount of the assessment as contained in said verified statement. ('80 Code, § 14-155)
   (D)   Appeal dispositions.  If an appeal is taken the City Council shall at its next regular meeting hear and determine the appeal and may either affirm the amount of the assessment, modify the amount or determine that no assessment shall be made.  The decision of the Council shall be final and binding upon all persons. ('80 Code, § 14-156)
   (E)   Statement final.  The assessment of costs for removal of litter by the city shall become final 30 days after service of such assessment.  If the owner, lessee or occupant shall appeal the assessment, the assessment shall become final 30 days after determination of the appeal. ('80 Code, § 14-157)
(Ord. 1170, passed 10-15-69)