General Provisions
   35.001   County auditor and county treasurer
   35.005   Purposes, construction, and application
   35.006   Definitions
   35.007   Organization and standards
   35.008   Purchasing procedures
   35.009   Methods of source selection
   35.010   Contracts
   35.011   Additional requirements
   35.012   Supply management
York County Sinking Fund Commission
   35.015   York County Sinking Fund Commission
   35.016   Treasurer; funds control
   35.017   Investing funds; accounts; application of funds; determine and authorize certain tax levies
   35.018   Obligations retire; loans; purchases; deposits; disbursements; political subdivisions borrow
   35.019   Duties and powers of chairperson; meetings; majority act; quorums; interest in loan or investment; bond; report
   35.020   Salaries; expenses
Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee
   35.030   Created
   35.031   Purposes and objectives
   35.032   Organization and composition
   35.033   Officers
   35.034   Powers and duties
   35.035   Accommodations tax
Tax Assessor
   35.045   Legislative findings
   35.046   Appointment; deputy tax assessors
   35.047   Responsibilities
   35.048   Giving notice of assessments, when required; appeals
Board of Assessment Appeals
   35.060   Legislative findings
   35.061   Continuation of existing board; organization; composition
   35.062   Officers
   35.063   Hearing appeals
Tax Collector
   35.075   Legislative findings
   35.076   Continuation of existing position; appointment; term; deputies
   35.077   Duties and responsibilities
   35.078   Disposition of fees, costs, commissions, penalty and interest
   35.079   Subject to county ordinances, policies, and the like
Agricultural Assessment
   35.090   Legislative findings
   35.091   Administration of program; time for filing applications
   35.092   Intervals for filing applications
   35.093   Application of state law and regulations
Aircraft Assessment
   35.100   Assessment of aircraft
Alternate Collection Procedure
   35.105   Purpose
   35.106   Election to come under provisions of the Code of Laws of South Carolina
   35.107   Penalty for unpaid taxes
   35.108   Execution costs; levy of warrant or execution; notice of delinquent taxes; seizure of property; additional costs; advertisement of sale
   35.109   Sale of property; procedures; defaulting taxpayer with more than one item to be sold
   35.110   Payment by successful bidder; receipt; disposition of proceeds
   35.111   Settlement by treasurer
   35.112   Resale when bidder fails to remit in cash
   35.113   Redemption of real property
   35.114   Cancellation of sale upon redemption; notice to purchaser; refund of purchase price
   35.115   Personal property not subject to redemption; purchaser’s bill of sale and right to possession
   35.116   Notice of approaching end of redemption period
   35.117   Execution and delivery of tax title; costs and fees; overages
   35.118   Notice to mortgagees
   35.119   Subchapter additional to other laws
   35.120   Subchapter shall take precedence
   35.121   Joint facilities for collection of taxes
   35.122   Option to prepay real estate taxes in installments
County Local Hospitality Tax
   35.130   Legislative findings
   35.131   Levy and imposition of county local hospitality tax
   35.132   Remission of tax to county governing body or treasurer
   35.133   Limitation of levy of county local hospitality tax
   35.134   Use of revenue from county local hospitality tax
   35.135   Inspection, examination, and audit of books and records
   35.136   Failure to remit tax or make necessary books and records available
   35.137   Violations
Capital Project Sales Tax Commission
   35.145   Created
   35.146   Appointment of members
   35.147   Duties and responsibilities
Economic Development Project Development Fund
   35.155   Economic Development Project Development Fund
Preservation Tax Incentive
   35.160   Special tax assessment created
   35.161   Purpose
   35.162   Eligible properties
   35.163   Eligible rehabilitation
   35.164   Process
Recreation Tax District
   35.170   Creation and establishment
   35.171   Levy of ad valorem taxes
Bethel Rural Fire District
   35.175   Creation and establishment
   35.176   Levy of ad valorem taxes
Lake Wylie Parks and Recreation District
   35.180   Creation and establishment
   35.181   Levy of ad valorem taxes
Bethel-Lake Wylie Land Acquisition and Preservation Parks District
   35.185   Creation and establishment
   35.186   Levy of ad valorem taxes
   35.999   Penalty
   Special tax districts for road improvements, § 57.03
   York County Hospitality Tax Advisory Committee, §§ 32.145 et seq.
   York County Solid Waste Collection Special Tax District, §§ 50.45 through 50.52