General Provisions
   94.01   Adoption of Fire Prevention Code
   94.02   Fire limits
   94.03   Obstructing fire exits
   94.04   Passageways, exits, to be kept open in public places
   94.05   Disconnected and unused wires to be removed
   94.06   Lots to be free from fire hazard
   94.07   Open burning prohibited
   94.08   Permissible open burning
   94.09   Storage and dispensing of gasoline
   94.10   Liquids for fuel, lighting, or heating
   94.11   Motor fuel dispensing and transporting
   94.12   Motor fuel dispensing devices; attendant required
   94.13   Motor fuel dispensing devices; fire extinguishers
   94.14   Enforcement of maximum occupancy
Activity at fires
   94.20   General regulations
   94.21   Following fire equipment
   94.22   Interfering with firefighters or fire apparatus
   94.23   Riding on fire apparatus
   94.24   Interfering with fire alarm apparatus
   94.25   Protection of fire hose
Fire Inspection
   94.30   Authority and responsibility of Fire Inspector
   94.31   Investigations
   94.32   Records of fires
   94.33   Enforcement
Handling of Liquified Petroleum Gas
   94.34   Name of LP-gas supplier
   94.35   Anchoring of LP-gas container
Sprinkler Requirements for New Construction, Renovations and Additions
   94.45   Sprinkler requirements for new multi-family residential structures
   94.46   Sprinkler requirements for new non-residential structures
   94.47   Automatic sprinkler system not to be disabled
   94.99   Penalty