(A)   All doors, aisles, and passageways within and leading into or out of the theaters, churches, and all other places of public assemblage, during the entire time when any show, performance, service, exhibition, lecture, concern, ball, or other assemblage is held therein, shall be kept adequately lighted and free from any article that might obstruct or delay the exit of the audience, congregation, or assemblage.  The doors of such buildings, while occupied, shall not be fastened so that they cannot easily be opened by anyone from within.
   (B)   No person shall sit, stand, or remain seated or standing, nor shall the owner or operator of such a place allow any person to remain in any place of public assemblage in any aisle under any circumstances or in any exit or passage required for the safe exit of the assemblage.
   (C)   Clear passage from all exits and on sidewalks outside of all theaters and other places of public assemblage shall be maintained at all times.
   (D)   No aisle, passageway, or stairway in any store shall be obstructed with tables, show cases, or other obstructions during the hours the store is open to the public.
('72 Code, § 8A-4)  (Ord., passed 8-23-79) Penalty, see § 94.99
Statutory reference:
   Ways of escape provided, see   G.S. § 69-12