(A)  No bonfires or outdoor rubbish fires shall be allowed within the town except as permitted by this section.
   (B)  No fires of any kind, to include, but not be limited to, outdoor cooking fires, shall be allowed upon the beach strand of the Atlantic Ocean.
   (C)  Fires purposely set for the instruction and training of public and industrial firefighting personnel shall be permitted if authorized in writing by the Fire Chief.
   (D)  Fires used solely for human warmth shall be permitted at construction sites during the months November through March if authorized in writing by the Fire Chief.  The Fire Chief may specify the location of the fire and the nature of any container in which the fire is built.  Other reasonable conditions necessary to ensure safety of the fires may be imposed by the Fire Chief.
   (E)  The Chief of the Fire Department shall order the extinguishing of any fire and the Fire Department may extinguish any fire not in conformity with the provisions of this section or any fire which shall endanger the surrounding or nearby property.
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Statutory reference:
   Environmental Commission, see G.S. § 143B-282