92.01   Definitions
   92.02   Littering and smoking on beach prohibited
   92.03   Containers for food and drink
   92.04   Devices for cooking food prohibited
   92.05   Use of motor vehicle by handicapped persons to enter ocean
   92.06   Authority to declare ocean unsafe
   92.07   Swimming in ocean prohibited when unsafe
   92.08   Transportation, storage and launching of vessels on the beach adjoining the Atlantic Ocean
   92.09   Tents, umbrellas and canopies on beach strand
   92.10   Operating boat near beach
   92.11   Diving from fishing pier
   92.12   Use of surfboard or ski-board restricted
   92.13   Motorboat mufflers
   92.14   Baiting or attracting sharks prohibited
   92.15   Vegetation, sea oats; not to be removed
   92.16   Fishing from bridges
   92.17   Filling holes and trenches created on beach strand
   92.18   Use of vehicles on beach prohibited
   92.19   Anchoring of vessels within the zoning jurisdiction of the town
   92.20   Mooring buoys prohibited within the zoning jurisdiction of the town
   92.21   Prohibition on docking vessels at Wynn Plaza
   92.21.1   Diving from Wynn Plaza
   92.22   Abandoned vessel unlawful; removal authorized
   92.23   (Reserved)
   92.24   Notice when vessel removed; hearing
   92.25   Authorized towing services
   92.26   Operation of personal watercraft
   92.27   Mooring of boats and construction of piers
   92.28   Sale or rental of merchandise, equipment or personal services prohibited on beach front
   92.29   Business activities permitted on beach front
   92.30   Prohibition on passenger pick up or delivery
   92.31   Unlawful to release balloon on town property, beach front and waters surrounding the town
   92.32   Diving from bridges
   92.33   Protection of dunes
   92.99   Penalty
   Dogs on beaches, see § 91.21