Chapter 5.09
   5.09.010   Definitions.
   5.09.020   President designated Local Liquor Control Commissioner.
   5.09.030   Commissioner's duties.
   5.09.040   Commissioner's powers.
   5.09.050   Liquor Advisory Board.
   5.09.060   Unlicensed sale prohibited--Sale in violation of restrictions prohibited.
   5.09.070   Application for license.
   5.09.080   Ineligibility for license.
   5.09.090   Termination date.
   5.09.100   Classification of Licenses.
   5.09.105    Service of alcoholic liquor on public sidewalks and public property.
   5.09.110   License fees.
   5.09.120   Payment and disposition of fees.
   5.09.130   Numbers Of Licenses.
   5.09.140   List of licenses--Notification of certain officers of revocation, etc.
   5.09.150   License is personal privilege.
   5.09.160   License Renewals.
   5.09.170   Change in personnel.
   5.09.180   Restrictions on location of retail establishments.
   5.09.190   Civil rights in licensed premises.
   5.09.200   Sales restricted to authorized premises--Change of location--Alteration of premises.
   5.09.205   Service of alcoholic beverages without service of full meals.
   5.09.210   Give-away prohibited.
   5.09.220   Peddling prohibited.
   5.09.230   Sanitary requirements.
   5.09.240   Health of employees.
   5.09.250   Hours of service.
   5.09.255   Sealing and Removal of Partially Consumed Bottles of Wine.
   5.09.260   Sales, gift or delivery to minors and intoxicated persons.
   5.09.270   Requiring proof of age; Identification cards.
   5.09.275   Display of license and certain notices.
   5.09.280   Revocation and suspension of license.
   5.09.290   Complaints.
   5.09.300   Violations and penalties.
   5.09.310   Repealed by MC-14-2003.