General Provisions
   71.001   Town Council; enforcement authority
   71.002   Police and Fire Department officers; authority
   71.003   Obedience to Police and Fire Department officers required
   71.004   Pedestrian obedience to traffic-control signals required
Processions and Parades; Permits
   71.015   Permits required; exemptions
   71.016   Permit applications
   71.017   Standards for permit issuance
   71.018   Notice of denial
   71.019   Alternate permit
   71.020   Permit content
   71.021   Funeral processions; driving rules
   71.022   Driving through funeral procession restricted
Driving Rules
   71.035   Backing restricted
   71.036   Driving on sidewalks restricted
   71.037   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   71.038   Unlawful riding
   71.039   Restricted streets; truck use restricted
   71.040   U-turns prohibited
   71.041   Safety belt requirements; exceptions
Traffic-Control Devices
   71.055   Installation authority
   71.056   Manual and specifications
   71.057   Compliance required
   71.058   When required for enforcement purposes
   71.059   Traffic-control signals
   71.060   Display of unauthorized signs, signals, or markings prohibited
   71.061   Interference with official signs, signals, or devices prohibited
Stops and Yields
   71.075   Designated through streets; right-of-way; sign requirements
   71.076   Stop signs; stop required
   71.077   Stop when traffic obstructed
   71.078   Railroad crossings; required stops
One-Way Streets and Alleys
   71.090   Authority to post signs
   71.091   Direction of travel; compliance required
Speed Regulations
   71.105   State law applies
   71.106   Posted speed limits; compliance required
Statutory reference:
   Authority to adopt local traffic regulations, see I.C. 9-21-1-2