General Provisions
   95.01   Purpose
   95.02   Definitions
   95.03   Use and occupancy of public rights-of-way
   95.04   Term of agreement
   95.05   General terms
   95.06   Compensation to the city
   95.07   Mutual release of liability
   95.08   Confidential records
   95.09   Governing law
   95.10   Indemnity
   95.11   Notice
   95.12   Effective date
   95.13   Assignment or transfer
   95.14   Appeals
Wireless Network Providers
   95.20   Purpose
   95.21   Governing law
   95.22   Definitions
   95.23   Use and occupancy of public rights-of-way
   95.24   Compliance with Design Manual and applicable codes
   95.25   General construction and maintenance requirements
   95.26   Permit applications
   95.27   Installation in historic districts or design districts
   95.28   Installation in municipal parks and residential areas
   95.29   Municipal review process by the city
   95.30   Time of installation
   95.31   Applicable fees and rental rates to the city
   95.32   Indemnity
   95.33   Effect on other utilities and telecommunication providers
   95.34   Design Manual by the City of Willis, Texas for the Installation of Network Nodes and Node Support Poles and attachment agreement adopted by reference