(A)   Except as otherwise provided in Chapter 284 of the Code, a network provider shall obtain a permit or permits from the city to install a network node, node support pole, or transport facility in a city public right-of-way.
   (B)   As required by Chapter 284 of the Code, the city shall not require a network provider to perform services for the city for which the permit is sought.
   (C)   A network provider that wants to install or collocate multiple network nodes inside the municipal limits of the city is entitled to file a consolidated permit application with the city for not more than 30 network nodes and upon payment of the applicable fee(s), receive a permit or permits for the installation or collocation of those network nodes.
   (D)   The network provider shall provide the following information in its permit applications:
      (1)   Applicable construction and engineering drawings and information to confirm that the applicant will comply with the city’s Design Manual and applicable codes;
      (2)   Any additional information reasonably related to the network provider’s use of the public rights-of-way to ensure compliance with the Design Manual and this subchapter;
      (3)   A certificate that the network node(s) complies with applicable regulations of the Federal Communications Commission; and certification that the proposed network node(s) will be placed into active commercial service by or for the network provider not later than the sixtieth day after the date of construction and final testing of each network node is completed.
      (4)   A certificate of insurance that provides that the network provider and its contractor has at least $1,000,000 in general liability coverage.
   (E)   Exception. As provided in § 284.157 of the Code, a network provider is not required to apply, obtain a permit, or pay a rate to the city for:
      (1)   Routine maintenance that does not require excavation or closing of sidewalks or vehicular lanes in a public right-of-way;
      (2)   Replacing or upgrading a network node or network pole with a node or pole that is substantially similar in size or smaller and that does not require excavation or closing of sidewalks or vehicular lanes in a public right-of-way; or
      (3)   The installation, placement, maintenance, operation, or replacement of micro network nodes that are strung on cables between existing poles or node support poles in compliance with the National Electrical Safety Code;
      (4)   Notwithstanding division (D) above, the network provider or its contractors shall notify the city at least 24 hours in advance of work described in this division (E).
(Ord. 17-0822C, passed 8-22-2017)