8.1.1 Purpose; statement
8.1.2 Application and fee for taps to mains
8.1.3 Size and furnishing of materials
8.1.4 Discontinuance; notice filed
8.1.5 Rates paid monthly; delinquencies
8.1.6 Stop and waste cock required
8.1.7 Location of stop boxes and cutoffs
8.1.8 Pipe required
8.1.9 Public hydrant requirements
8.1.10 City not responsible
8.1.11 Fire restrictions
8.1.12 Accessibility
8.1.13 City may make repairs
8.1.14 Contractors or builders desiring water
8.1.15 Charge for turning water on
8.1.16 Unlawful acts
8.1.17 Water rates charged to owner
8.1.18 Taps prohibited
8.1.19 Inspection authorized
8.1.20 Replacement and repair authorized
8.1.21 Persons permitted to do work
8.1.22 Monthly water rates
8.1.23 Water mains and sewer lines in special improvement district
8.1.24 Application; necessary fees
8.1.25 Amount paid credited to Special Improvement District Fund
8.1.26 Additional charge
8.1.27 Payable in installments; approval
8.1.28 Apartments, mobile homes and commercial or multiple use facilities
8.1.29 Mayor may enact regulations
8.1.30 Enactment and notification of regulations
8.1.31 Penalty
8.1.32 Entry onto premises