Fees for plumbing permits and inspections are as follows:
   (a)   Permit Fees.
      Minimum fee                     $   80.00
         If additional inspections are required after rough and final, an additional fee of $60.00 be charged.
      Base permit fee                     60.00
      Fixtures, stack vents, conductors               15.00 each
      Sub-floor drains                     15.00 each
      Condensate drains                     15.00 each
      Storm sumps, sewage ejectors               15.00 each
      Reduced pressure and backflow preventor*            50.00 each
                                 * commercial
      Water-connected appliances, equipment,
         devices                     $   15.00 each
      Floor drains, special drains, traps               15.00 each
      Laboratory, hospital, clinic fixtures,
         equipment devices                  15.00 each
      Grease traps                        15.00 each
      Lawn sprinkler system                  50.00
      Chimney liner                        25.00
   (b)   Storm and Sanitary Sewer
      Installations/Residential.               $   50.00 each
   (c)   Building Sewer to Building Drain Connections.
      For each connection when a new sewer
         and/or main drain is installed            $   50.00 each
   (d)   Water Distribution Systems; Service Line:
      Residential                     $   50.00
      Commercial                        100.00
   (e)   Work Without Permit.
      Permit not obtained before work is started            double fee, plus $100.00
   (f)   Special Inspections.
      Certificate of occupancy and compliance            $70.00
      One special inspection or one investigation
         not specifically covered in this section         70.00
   (g)   Appeals Filed With Plumbing Board of Appeals.      $   150.00
(Ord. 99-14.  Passed 6-1-99; Ord. 2002-25.  Passed 6-18-02; Ord. 2005-25.  Passed 6-21-05; Ord. 2009-11.  Passed 6-16-09;  Ord. 2012-06.  Passed 6-19-12; Ord. 2013-04.  Passed 6-18-13; Ord. 2014-06.  Passed 7-1-14.)