Fees for permits and licenses issued by the Police Department for services rendered by such Department are as follows:
   (a)   Bicycles, each
      (Valid for as long as permit holder owns the bicycle)   $  1.00
   (b)   Animal pound fees:   First occurrence (within 1 year)     50.00
               Second occurrence (within 1 year)     75.00
               Third occurrence (within 1 year)   100.00
   (c)   Pick up any animal (per day or fraction of any day after pick up)   15.00
   (d)   Bite quarantine (per day)   25.00
   (e)   Disposal, per cat   50.00
      Disposal, per dog   50.00
(Ord. 99-04.  Passed 1-19-99; Ord. 2002-04. Passed 2-5-02; Ord. 2017-02. Passed 5-16-17.)