Uniform Fee Schedule
210.01   Payment of fees.
210.02   Licensing and registration of contractors and tradesmen.
210.03   Re-inspection fees.
210.04   Overtime inspection fees.
210.05   Cancellation, refunds, and extensions.
210.06   Building permit/ordinance, plan review and building inspection fees.
210.07   Electrical permits and inspection fees.
210.08   Plumbing permits and inspection fees.
210.09   Mechanical permits and inspection fees.
210.10   Landfill fees.
210.11   General permits and licenses.
210.12   Zoning, land use and community development.
210.13   Water and sewers. (Repealed)
210.14   Police Department
   Coordinated collection of State license fees - see M.C.L. Sec. 205.1