(a)   Upon written request, prior to commencement of any work, permits may be cancelled by the holder and 75% of the permit fee will be refunded, except that not less than thirty dollars ($30.00) shall be retained by the City to cover administrative expenses. Requests for time extension for outstanding permits is sixty dollars ($60.00).
   (b)   In those cases where work has commenced and a request for cancellation is received in favor of a permit to others, a fee of sixty dollars ($60.00) shall be charged for each inspection made and the amount of the refund shall be based on the remainder of the permit fee, except as otherwise provided in subsection (a) hereof.
(Ord. 99-14.  Passed 6-1-99; Ord. 2002-25.  Passed 6-18-02; Ord. 2009-11.  Passed 6-16-09; Ord. 2013-04.  Passed 6-18-13; Ord. 2014-06.  Passed 7-1-14.)