(a)   For the purpose of classifying and regulating the locations of businesses and industries and the location of buildings for specified uses, of regulating and limiting the height and bulk of buildings hereafter erected or structurally altered and of regulating and determining yards and other open spaces within and adjacent to such buildings, the City is hereby divided into use districts, as follows:
      P-1  Parks and Green Space District,
      R-1  Residence District,
      R-1A Residence District, Large Lot,
      R-2  Residence District,
      R-3  Residence District, Multi-Family, Low Density,
      R-4  Residence District, Multi-Family, High Density,
      C-1  Commercial District,
      C-2  Commercial District,
      Commercial Overlay District,
      M-1  Industrial District,
      M-2  Industrial District,
      A-1  Agricultural District,
      MX  Mixed Use District.
   (b)   The boundaries of the use districts are shown upon the Zone Map referred to in Section 1129.02.  Such map and all notations, references and other matters set forth thereon shall constitute a part of this Zoning Code.  The district boundaries as shown on the Map are, unless otherwise indicated, the center lines of streets, alleys or lot lines.
   (c)   Where the actual street layout on the ground varies from that shown on the Map, the designations shown on the Map shall be applied to the street or streets as actually laid out so as to carry out the intent and purpose of the zoning plan for that district.
   (d)   Where the district boundaries are not otherwise indicated and where the property has been or may hereafter be subdivided into blocks and lots, the district boundaries shall be construed to be lot lines.
   (e)   In case a district boundary line cuts a property having a single ownership as of record at the time of the passage of this Zoning Code (Ordinance 431, passed September 4, 1963), all such property may take the least restrictive classification, provided the property is developed as one unit. 
(Ord. 431. Passed 9-4-63; Ord.  9-95.  Passed 11-27-95;  Ord.  09-98.  Passed 5-11-98.)