1147.03  PERMITS.
   (a)   Permits Required. Before proceeding with the erection, relocation or alteration of any building or part of any building in the City, a permit for such erection, relocation or alteration shall be first obtained from the Municipal Administrator by the owner or his agent, which permit, in such form as may be prescribed by Council, shall, In substance, certify that such proposed erection, relocation or alteration complies in all respects with this Zoning Code.  No person shall proceed with the erection, relocation or alteration of any building unless such permit shall first have been obtained.
(Ord. 431.  Passed  9-4-63.)
   (b)   Fees. The Municipal Administrator is hereby authorized and directed to charge fees as determined from time to time by Council for required permits and inspections in relation to buildings and other structures involving new construction, improvements, additions, and alterations to existing buildings and structures.  Said fees shall be paid by the applicant at the time of applying for such permit. 
(Ord. 44-05.  Passed 10-24-05.)
   (c)   Plans to be Submitted.  The applicant for a permit shall submit with his application, plans and specifications of the building which he intends to erect, relocate or alter, with a plot plan thereof, Including lot number or legal description of the property, and no erection, removal or alteration of any building shall be made other than in conformity with such plans after approval by the Zoning Inspector.  Such plans shall be sufficient to enable the Zoning Inspector to obtain full and complete information as to the extent and character of the work to be done.
   (d)   Revocation.  Should the Zoning Inspector consider that the work under such permit is not proceeding according to the plans and specifications upon which the permit was issued, but is proceeding in violation of the provisions of this Zoning Code, it shall be his duty to notify the owner or owners or his or their agent, in writing, that the work is being constructed in violation of the permit and this Zoning Code and that the same must be immediately rectified to conform with such permit and this Zoning Code. If the owner or owners neglect to comply with such notice or make such correction, the Zoning Inspector shall revoke such permit and notice thereof shall be immediately served upon the owner, agent, superintendent or contractor in charge of the work and posted on the premises referred to in such permit. Such notice shall be in writing, and signed by the Zoning Inspector.  After such revocation of permit, any contractor or workman performing any work in or about such building or premises shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to the penalties provided in Section 1147.99 .
(Ord. 431.  Passed 9-4-63.)
   (e)   Permit Expiration:  A permit shall be in effect for one (1) year from the date of issuance.  If construction is started within one (1) year from the date of issuance of a permit, the permit shall be in effect for a total of two (2) years from the date of issuance.  Further work, as described in the expired permit, shall not proceed unless and until a new permit has been obtained.  In the event a permit is deemed to have expired under this provision, all fees paid to the City as part of the permit application and review process shall be non-refundable.
(Ord. 25-12.  Passed 12-10-12.)
   (f)   Street Tree Planting.  Before proceeding with the construction of any new building, and concurrent with obtaining a Zoning Permit for such building, the owner or their agent shall pay a fee as determined from time to time by Council for each street tree adjacent to the frontage of the building site.  The number of street trees adjacent to the building site shall be as specified in the approved Street Tree Plan for the subdivision, or if there is no such plan, as specified by the Tree Commission for the public right-of-way adjacent to the building site.  The City will plant the trees contemplated by this section at an appropriate time considering weather conditions and nearby construction activities.
(Ord. 03-16.  Passed 2-22-16.)