General Provisions
   54.01   Tampering with meter or water system
   54.02   Unauthorized interference or connections
   54.03   Obstruction of fire hydrants
Water Service
   54.15   Connection required when available; requirements
   54.16   Application for installation, service
   54.17   Property owner responsibility
   54.18   Denial of service
   54.19   Control of water mains
   54.20   Maintenance of service
   54.21   City responsibility
   54.22   Special service conditions
   54.23   Rates
   54.24   Unoccupied property
   54.25   Notice given of shut-off
   54.26   Seasonal occupancy
   54.27   Fire hydrants; meters on fire lines
   54.28   Full volume and pressure not guaranteed
Connections; Meters
   54.40   City-authorized person to perform work
   54.41   Cross-connections
   54.42   Installation of water mains in streets
   54.43   Meters
   54.44   Failure of meter, complaints; testing meters
   54.45   Assessment when meter is out
   54.46   Meter settings; accessibility; right of entry
   54.47   Exception for sprinkler systems