(A)   Meter settings. The consumer must provide suitable facilities for a meter, in a place where it is readily accessible for reading, and become responsible for any damage to such meter.  All meters installed upon water works services must be provided with a stop and waste on each side of meter and as close thereto as the details of construction will permit.  Meters are required to be set in a vertical position, flow line horizontal, and at a point on the incoming service pipe as close as possible to the building or foundation wall, on the inside of the building.  Such settings must have at all times unobstructed access for the purpose of reading and removal of the meter, plumbers in laying out their work shall pay strict attention to these requirements.  Meter yokes or stubs for setting meters are furnished by the city. 
('65 Code, § 925.19)
   (B)   Meters to be accessible. Meters must be kept freely accessible to meter readers and all other employees of the Water Department and must not be permitted to become covered with or obstructed by rubbish or other material regardless of where such meter is located. 
('65 Code, § 925.16)
   (C)   Right of entry. The Water Department reserves the right, through its authorized agents, to enter at all reasonable hours the premises to which its service extends, for the purpose of reading or inspecting meters or for any other purpose which it may deem necessary to properly safeguard the interests of the Water Department and the consumer.  When such access is refused, the water shall be immediately turned off and not turned on again until the request of the Water Department has been complied with. 
('65 Code, § 925.20)
(Ord. 2241, passed 11-15-55)