If a consumer does not order water shut off and the meter read immediately when not used, the minimum rate will be charged for such service until proper notice is given the water office.  If property is unoccupied for more than one month in succession, minimum service charge will be prorated and adjustment made by the Water Department, provided notice is given and application made for the same.  In no case will a rebate be allowed on water rents for a period less than one month and then only when notice is given the water office that the building is vacant.  When the building is again occupied, water will be turned on upon notice given the Water Department and no extra charge beyond payment of regular minimum fee which will be computed to cover the remainder of the three-month period.  For refusal or neglection of paying water rent, see § 50.12.
('65 Code, § 925.13)  (Ord. 2241, passed 11-15-55)