(A)   Use of fire hydrants. No person except an authorized employee of the Water Department, Fire Department or Street Department shall open, operate or remove the nozzle cap from any public fire hydrant to which water is supplied by the Water Department.
('65 Code, § 925.23)
   (B)   Meters on fire lines. When any fire branch is to supply a fire protection system which has any hand-operated or nonautomatic outlets such as fire hydrants, tank valves, test valves, hose valves, flush valves or other opening used for fire protection only, such branch shall include and have installed as near the street main as practicable an approved detector check valve with a meter of proper size on the by-pass of the detector check. 
('65 Code, § 925.24)
   (C)   Use of unmetered fire lines for other purposes; charge for resumption of service. When, upon investigation, it is found that any water has been used, other than for fire purposes, the water will be turned off, the Underwriters' Inspection Bureau notified and the water service will not be resumed until a sum of from $5 to $25, the amount to be determined by the Director of Public Service, has been paid to the Water Department. 
('65 Code, § 925.26)
(Ord. 2241, passed 11-15-55)