The Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD), as established by the Mayor and Council, shall serve in the capacity of a planning agency as provided in the A.R.S. Title 9, Article 6.
   A.   Functions and Duties
   The HCDD is  responsible for preparing, maintaining, and administrating the , certain , and redevelopment plans, assisting in the enforcement of the , and other functions as deemed necessary or desirable for the .
      1.   Administration of
         a.   Preparation and Adoption
         The HCDD shall prepare the and amendments thereto, for consideration by the Mayor and Council in accordance with Section 3.6, Plan Adoption and Amendment Procedure.
         b.   Implementation
         The HCDD shall:
            (1)   Investigate and make recommendations to the Mayor and Council concerning reasonable and practical means for putting the , or parts thereof, into effect in order that it will serve as a pattern and guide for the orderly growth and of the and as a basis for the efficient expenditure of its funds relating to the subjects of the . The measures recommended may include plans, regulations, financial reports, and capital budgets;
            (2)   Submit an annual report to the Mayor and Council on the status of the plan and its implementation;
            (3)   Endeavor to promote public interest in, and understanding of, the and regulations relating to it; and,
            (4)   Consult with and advise public officials and agencies; public utility companies; civic, educational, professional, and other organizations; and citizens, generally, with relation to carrying out the .
      2.   Preparation of (Including Sub-area Plans Area and Neighborhood Plans)
      The HCDD shall prepare new for consideration of adoption by the Mayor and Council. include such elements as, but are not limited to, neighborhood and area plans, plans for major or parks, and standards and policy documents for the implementation of the . The Mayor and Council, with a recommendation from the HCDD, may adopt administrative rules and procedures for the implementation of .
      3.   Capital Improvement Program
      The HCDD shall assist the City Manager and other departments in coordinating the Capital Improvement Program, monitoring its implementation, and advising the Mayor and Council on its with the and .
      4.   Historic Preservation
      The HCDD shall perform the following duties:
         a.   Oversee the ’s policies pertaining to historic preservation;
         b.   Assist in establishing local National Register Historic Districts and Historic Preservation ;
         c.   Perform the duties and responsibilities of the Historic Preservation Program, including creating and maintaining programs to encourage the recognition, restoration, and maintenance of the historic, archaeological, and cultural resources of the ; and,
         d.   Work with and assist departments of the and the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission in matters affecting historic preservation.
      5.   Enforcement of the
      The HCDD shall assist the Zoning Administrator in the enforcement of of the as provided in Section 10.2, Enforcement Authority.
      6.   Other Responsibilities
      The HCDD shall perform such other functions as may be required by the Mayor and Council, City Manager, or the .
   B.    of the Housing and Community Development Department
   The of HCDD is the chief administrative officer of the HCDD and shall be responsible for administering the functions and duties of the HCDD. The , or designee, performs other such functions as may be required for the administration of the HCDD or as provided by the Mayor and Council, City Manager, or the .