3.3.4.   100' NOTICE PROCEDURE
   A.   Purpose
   Proposed that involves minor modifications including increases to , small deviations to design criteria, or minor construction subject to design review shall comply with the following general procedures. This procedure is intended to provide notice to parties who may be affected by the .
   B.   Applicability
   The 100' Notice Procedure applies to the following applications:
      1.   Approval of resident uses in the Historic Preservation ;
      2.   Certain wireless facilities;
      3.   Design Development Options (DDO) in accordance with Section 3.11.1;
      4.   Parking Design Modification Requests to the required number of and ;
      5.   PDSD Special Exception applications;
      6.   Requests for demolition of contributing, non-historic in Historic Preservation ;
      7.   Requests to increase the permitted number of or decrease the setback for a   at a community , an urban farm, or a residential property; and,
      8.   Other types of applications if the PDSD makes one of the following findings:
         a.   There is a minor change in the criteria that is requested;
         b.   There are few, if any, changes in the physical attributes of the property;
         c.   There is a potential for impact upon the neighborhood or the properties;
         d.   Where there are commercial and office , (1) through (3) above apply and there is a benefit to area properties from the proposed redevelopment of the property; or,
         e.   There is an administrative Special Exception Land Use designated in the related to the proposed .
   C.   Pre-Application Conference Recommended
   A pre-application conference with staff is recommended, but not required. See Section 3.2.1 for details on the pre-application conference.
   D.   Neighborhood Meeting Recommended
   The applicant is recommended, but not required, to conduct a neighborhood meeting with surrounding property owners and representatives.
   E.   Application and Notice of Application Required
   Submittal of an application to the PDSD is required in order to process the request. See the Administrative Manual for application submittal requirements. Applications shall be reviewed for completeness in compliance with Section 3.2.3.A, Application Required. Following acceptance by the PDSD, notice of the application is required in accordance with Section 3.2.4.B, Mailed Notices.
   F.   Public Comment Period
   For ten following the date on which notice is provided, the public may submit comments on the proposal to the PDSD.
   G.   Review
   Review is conducted by the PDSD staff and other agencies, committees or advisory boards as required by the , and others as may be deemed appropriate by the PDSD .
   H.   Decision and Notice of Decision
   The PDSD shall approve or deny an application and send written notice of the decision in accordance with Section 3.2.4.B. The PDSD may impose conditions for approval of the application or may require further processing of the application in accordance with Section 3.3.5, 400' Notice Procedure.
   I.   Appeals
   A may appeal the PDSD ’s decision to the Board of Adjustment (B/A). Appeals must be filed in accordance with Section 3.10.1 and .2. A notice of intent to appeal must be received by the PDSD within five of the effective date of the decision. The complete appeal materials must be filed within 30 of the effective date of the decision.
   J.   Waiver of Comment, Notice of the Decision and Right to Appeal
   The required time period for public comment, for notice of the decision, and for the filing of an appeal may be waived, if the applicant provides written documentation that all parties of record have waived one or more of these provisions.
(Am. Ord. 11328, 12/8/2015; Am. Ord. 11732, 2/19/2020)